When we started watching the lunchroom in 2006, we found that many students would bring a lot of ‘drama’ to the lunchroom. There were many times when students would get into arguments, and a lot of times we had to talk to students to diffuse a possible fight. Tears were not uncommon. There were also many times when stu-dents showed their suspicion of us when we walked around the lunchroom. They would give us ‘dirty looks’ as we came by. The number of messes students would leave on tables and the floor was difficult to han-dle. In addition, we had to make sure that we were visible in all parts of the lunchroom to help deal with disrup-tive groups of kids and to make sure students acted responsibly.



We believe that students today are much more responsible, and they are more trusting of us. Students are very good about keeping the lunchroom clean, and we don’t have nearly as many incidents of disruptive behavior. And, while it is hard to measure, we have noticed that students are much more receptive to Lunch Bunch activi-ties as well as Birthday Bunch shenanigans. They feel comfortable being around each other. Students have shown us that they can be trusted with Guitar Hero Tour-naments, Dance Dance Revolution competition, and even Camp Chair Chess. There were many times when we didn’t even supervise these activities, and students handled the responsibility in an adult manner.


We will create unique situations and opportunities which give students a chance to share their time and talents. Our goal is to provide positive and genuine interaction for students through games and activities.

Each student is unique and it is those unique qualities we celebrate.

A school that plays together stays together.