We currently have two cornhole sets from Student Council & one a student made.  The idea is for students to compete in a corn hole tournament during lunch over a 2-3 day period.


Video Games

Students can play on either the Wii or our XBox One…both are pretty popular.  It is a great way for students to connect in a risk free environment.

wii IMG_1784

Juggling Kits

The Lunch Bunch teaches students how to juggle during lunch.  Students voluntarily learn how to juggle in front of 300 of their peers!



Foosball Tables

We have two foosball table available for students to play.  They are used all lunch, every lunch!



Lunch Bunch has guitars to play.  We offer students the opportunity to rock out on two acoustic guitars, an electric guitar and an electric bass.


We have a lot more toys…but we encourage you to create your own fun!