• Extreme_Crystal_Ball

    What do you see?

    “I’m just curious why you are always late to class”, I said. Eric was not known for being to class on time. My exasperated student summoned as much courage as he could and said, “I can’t help it. Your class is too early in the morning. I really am trying!”

  • night-vision

    Hate Vision Goggles

    Night vision goggles let soldiers see objects in the cover of darkness. Without the goggles they wouldn’t know the enemy is there, but with the goggles they get some eerie green images of people creeping around in the dark. Thermal imaging cameras can show us where all of the heat

  • thematrix

    The Matrix of Connecting

    Two things were going on the first time I watched the movie, “The Matrix”. First, I was dazzled by the special effects. The whole time. As my friend Ben would say, “It is total eye-candy.” The second thing was me asking, “What’s going on?” The whole time. In case you

  • What if you COULD fix the world?

    It started with the idea that maybe…just maybe…we all have the ability to fix the world.  We often underestimate our impact on the lives’ of others, both positively and negatively.  So, we are creating an opportunity for students to positively impact their peers.  It’s called #signthesign and we hope to

  • shoveling

    What You Thought You Taught

    Maybe we’re not teaching what we think we’re teaching. Parents and teachers alike. Perhaps we have something so set in our minds that we aren’t really aware of the reality of a situation. As a kid from a West Toledo neighborhood, I remember one of the best things to happen

  • gratitude


    We often think of gratitude as a way of giving thanks, but it is so much more than this… I started my educational career at a small school in northern Ohio, and I had no idea what I was doing.  My diploma hung on the wall of my classroom but

  • bookshelf

    The Two Hour Bookshelf

    Dr. Sandberg. Herb. If you knew him, his name brought about a response. If you saw him working in his garden, wearing his halfway unbuttoned shirt, baggy shorts, and bare feet, you would not recognize him as a professor. To see him scrambling in his kitchen in preparation for one

  • once

    Story after Story

    I met a young man whom I will call “Roger” this past July when I had the opportunity to do some painting at a boys’ home. The facility housed young men who were either abandoned by their ‘parents’ because they could not or would not take care of them. I

  • name

    Give Them a Name

    A name is only a collection of letters unless we have connections to others in our lives. I really don’t even like to type a statement like that because it seems so harsh. The other possible titles for this blog included: “Make a Name for Someone”, “What’s In a Name?”,

  • zombie-hi

    The Walking Dead

    At this point you may be wondering what zombies have to do with the classroom…the closest you have been to a zombie is staying up too late grading and waking up too early to finish grading. The hit show to which I am referring in the title, The Walking Dead,