What do you see?

“I’m just curious why you are always late to class”, I said. Eric was not known for being to class on time. My exasperated student summoned as much courage as he could and said, “I can’t help it. Your class is too early in the morning. I really am trying!”

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Hate Vision Goggles

Night vision goggles let soldiers see objects in the cover of darkness. Without the goggles they wouldn’t know the enemy is there, but with the goggles they get some eerie green images of people creeping around in the dark. Thermal imaging cameras can show us where all of the heat

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The Matrix of Connecting

Two things were going on the first time I watched the movie, “The Matrix”. First, I was dazzled by the special effects. The whole time. As my friend Ben would say, “It is total eye-candy.” The second thing was me asking, “What’s going on?” The whole time. In case you

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What if you COULD fix the world?

It started with the idea that maybe…just maybe…we all have the ability to fix the world.  We often underestimate our impact on the lives’ of others, both positively and negatively.  So, we are creating an opportunity for students to positively impact their peers.  It’s called #signthesign and we hope to

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