Story after Story

I met a young man whom I will call “Roger” this past July when I had the opportunity to do some painting at a boys’ home. The facility housed young men who were either abandoned by their ‘parents’ because they could not or would not take care of them. I

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Give Them a Name

A name is only a collection of letters unless we have connections to others in our lives. I really don’t even like to type a statement like that because it seems so harsh. The other possible titles for this blog included: “Make a Name for Someone”, “What’s In a Name?”,

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The Walking Dead

At this point you may be wondering what zombies have to do with the classroom…the closest you have been to a zombie is staying up too late grading and waking up too early to finish grading. The hit show to which I am referring in the title, The Walking Dead,

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broken chain

The Unconnected

       The picture gallery on the hallway wall caught my eye. Dozens of pictures of young men, usually smiling, were scattered in an organized manner on the two walls extending past the kitchen area. I was a member of a mission team helping to repair a room in

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